Our Anti Money-laundering Policy

Our commitment

To protect our Clients’ data and Money.

To build trust with our Clients and other stakeholders by implementation of an effective Anti-money laundering policy as part of our Quality of Service.

To ensure Our Business is not used by Criminals or Terrorists to launder money.

To comply with the regulations covering Anti-Money laundering policy and practise.

What we will do

To meet that commitment, we will:

‘Know Our Clients’ – Do Client Due Diligence (“CDD”)

Understand our Client’s transactions

Check Client sources of funds with supporting evidence to mitigate risk

Report suspicions or concerns to MLRO

How we will do it

Implement processes and procedures that are ‘fit for purpose’: simple, clear and effective and communicated to, and understood by, everyone

Manage our risk using sensible checks – Complete a Client Risk assessment in each case

Exercise common sense – if something looks or feels “funny” or “suspicious’ then act and report it.

Provide training and support to enable Pacitti Jones personnel to confidently perform their anti-money laundering responsibilities.


Designate a senior MLRO to whom any suspicions should be referred.

Conduct regular spot reviews of cases to ensure procedures are followed and are effective.

Be able to demonstrate our compliance