Mood Boards To Inspire Your Interior Design Projects!

Mood Boards To Inspire Your Interior Design Projects!

If you’re planning to redecorate and you have lots of ideas but can’t imagine how it will look, or if it will suit, your own property?



If you’re planning on completely redecorating a room your home, you no doubt have dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of ideas flying around your head. There’s so much to consider – the colours, fabrics, walls, floor, furniture, lighting, not to mention all those accessories – it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s where the mood board comes in!


Colour Charts – Pantone

Moodboards are a fantastic way to help you focus your ideas and thoughts, keeping your ideas together to prevent you getting distracted and wasting money on ideas that don’t work for your property.

Simply choose your favourite wallpapers, paint colours and photos of your favourite furniture and put them together on a board. Experimenting allows you to find what style you are truly looking for and to visualise exactly what you are looking for before buying, keeping your style consistent.

The results of your moodboard help you to define what it is your looking to achieve in your home. You may find that ideas you initially had, may look nothing like you envisaged!  This basic little board will help you form a clear design concept and to build on it coherently without going off on wild tangents.


Interior Design Moodboard – Creative inspiration for your home! Made by our very own PJ staff using Milanote!


If you’re not a fan of printing and using a physical moodboard, there are countless online alternatives which include a vast library of images, textures and designs for you to take inspiration from. We used Milanote to create our very own board!

These include